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Hungry Cliff Podcast 15: Shake The Beans Out

Presidents can't sit, baths are for customers only and wigs must be worn. After another lengthy interval, the Hungry Cliff Podcast team is back with more hard-hitting commentary about... something? Learn what everyone has been doing, more or less. This week features...

Hungry Cliff Podcast 11: The Hodgepodge Lodge

John Malkovich gives us the joy of unbridled laughter, 20 years for a follow-up album is just about the right amount of time and Andrew's legal problems are finally over. Yes, your eyes didn't deceive you. This is not a "Special" episode. I can understand your...

Skylar Grey’s Near Future

A little over a month ago, I wrote a post about Skylar Grey and I said a few things in the podcast about anticipating her writing her own single sometime in the near future. Well, “the near future” came much sooner than I thought. Skylar recently finished up her new album ‘Invincible’ and I got the chance to hear her leading single ‘Invisible’ yesterday.

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