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Hungry Cliff Podcast 94: If It Smells Like A Jigwam…

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$20 backers: one bag of Maureos (in limited edition cadaver blue), $50 backers: unsigned copy of A Shrimp And A Whale Walk Into A Waffle House plus previous incentives, and $11,000,520 backers receive the whole gamoot*.

This week, the Hungry Cliff team talks about one of the most revolutionary new products possibly already on the market. There are two new Pringles flavors to try (seriously, who is responsible for this wizardry?), and some discussion of our upcoming travel plans. There’s a bit of an argument about the quality of the third installment of the Matrix series, but fortunately everybody winds up taking the blue pill pretty quickly. How many of us have the right opinion? Do coffins have lifetime guarantees? Find out something about some stuff on this (more) exciting episode (than last week) of the Hungry Cliff podcast! They all can’t be winners.

*does not include previous incentives.



Wasabi & Soy Sauce Pringles

Jalapeño Bacon Pringles

Max Payne

Animatrix, The Matrix Trilogy, etc.

Brad Pitt Eating: The Mashup

Samsung 850 Pro SSD


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Hosts: Tony Silanskas, Matthew Biggers

Guest Hosts: David Houston, Pedro Mendoza

Intro and outro music: Pedro Mendoza

Email us: tony (at) hungrycliff (dot) com or matthew (at) hungrycliff (dot) com

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