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Hungry Cliff Podcast 136: What’s Behind Door #1?

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We’re going to Fun Spot on the second Thuesday of Febhueary. It’s hueg!

This week on the Hungry Cliff podcast, it’s an uncharacteristically in-depth discussion about smart lighting (thx Dan!). We also chat about organization through apps. Who manages the household schedule? What is the most useful way to configure your house’s lights? Who attends the largest number of impromptu dinner parties? Learn the answers to these questions and more on this episode of the Hungry Cliff podcast!



Philips Hue Starter Kit


Philips Hue app


Hue Lights



Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit


UTHMNE camera


Homebridge on GitHub

Korean presidential election coverage awesomeness


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Hosts: Tony Silanskas, Matthew Biggers, Andrew Silanskas

Guest Hosts: David Houston, Jessica Houston, Pedro Mendoza

Intro and outro music: Pedro Mendoza

Email us: tony, matthew, andrew, jessica, david, or pedro (at) hungrycliff (dot) com

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