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Hungry Cliff Podcast 34: Trust, But Verify Where The Dog Is Buried

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LeBron explodes at local gas station, MB reaches [CC] near the TP, and a free bag of ice with the purchase of any value meal.

This week, the Hungry Cliff podcast team sifts through another pile of random thoughts. Why is it called the BMT? Of what does the diet of large lake-bound bass consist? Who watched the Tony Awards? Where are restroom-themed restaurants really located? When will somebody win our contest? How many miles must a car drive before someone should take a commemorative photograph of its odometer? How can we make more people read these podcast descriptions? Tune in for all this and an obscure Japanese culinary reference.



LeBron James Six Mix

Tony Awards






Board games:

X-Wing Miniatures

By James Kniffen et al.

Fantasy Flight Games

2 – 3 players

TableTop Extended playthrough 


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Hosts: Tony Silanskas, Andrew Silanskas, Matthew Biggers

Guests: Jessica Houston, David Houston, Pedro Mendoza

Intro and outro music: Pedro Mendoza

Email us: tony (at) hungrycliff (dot) com, andrew (at) hungrycliff (dot) com or matthew (at) hungrycliff (dot) com

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