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Hungry Cliff Podcast 36: I’ve Seen This

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Take a brawl fall and a chop drop before you hit the ground and pound.

This week the Hungry Cliff team welcomes Pedro’s father Pedro Senior, continuing our tradition of inviting family members as guest hosts on this podcast. Good times are had as we discuss mainstream sports (a bit of a departure for this podcast, sure), the upcoming Dice Tower Convention, various methods of preserving cadavers for entertainment purposes, Broadway, and a long list of other topics. What don’t we talk about? Listen to this podcast to find out!



The Matrix

Radiolab talks about the kilogram

Transformers 4

Newsies on Broadway

Elaborate embalming

LeBron James a free agent?

Stunt driver video

Full-contact skydiving

Fruit Punch Oreos




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Hosts: Tony Silanskas, Andrew Silanskas, Matthew Biggers

Guest Hosts: Jessica Houston, David Houston, Pedro Mendoza, Jr., Pedro Mendoza, Sr., Michael Biggers

Intro and outro music: Pedro Mendoza

Email us: tony (at) hungrycliff (dot) com, andrew (at) hungrycliff (dot) com or matthew (at) hungrycliff (dot) com

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