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Movie Etymology, Part 1: Military words in cinema

Military Camera

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Well, the time has come for me to post something.  In an effort to establish a topic I might be able to write more than two blog posts about (and in a similar but not entirely identical effort to keep that topic informative and entertaining), I decided to attempt to point out some interesting relationships between various film and entertainment concepts.  However, running the Six Degrees of Separation script on Wikipedia didn’t seem like much of a challenge (especially since I didn’t author it!), so I will go one tenuous step further and confine my attention to etymology!

Don’t everybody click the “back” button at once, now.

Everybody enjoys a good action movie, right?  With explosions, fast cars, guns, martial arts, and more explosions, even if you don’t care for the genre itself, you can still appreciate the sheer production value involved in crashing a car into a helicopter into a submarine into a building (all of which somehow contain gasoline in all the places you would expect to find air).  Maybe it’s one rogue agent against an entire army, or one military unit against another.  Indeed, such is mankind’s enthusiasm for martial prowess that we frequently employ words and expressions rooted in military matters.  The vocabulary of filmmaking is no exception.  More after the break.