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Staying Power: Lady Gaga

Recently, I’ve been thinking… I showcase a lot of different musicians, but who has that “it” factor. Ya know? That certain something that separates the fads from the truly talented.

Hungry Cliff Podcast 05: A Dimension Too Far

Is 3D dying, are movie theatres dead and is Google immortal? Our minds have been filled with many thoughts this week (for a change) and, lucky for you, a few of those thoughts escaped into this podcast.  How many times have you had a bad experience at a movie theater...

What is “Math Rock”?

If you put progressive rock, post-punk, experimental rock and fusion jazz into a blender full of lighter fluid, you’d end up with Math Rock. Gaining popularity in the mid 1980s, this new genre has taken rock music to an entirely new level.

Hungry Cliff Podcast 04: In Search of More Paws

The ground breaks for Apple and Intel, the sky turns to Grey and the Thunderbolt rolls. This week we discuss the surprisingly unknown artist Skylar Grey and how she has been a shaking up the music industry.  We also shed a little light on why Hungry Cliff exists and...

Skylar Grey: A Grey Sky Is Moving In

If you look back on the past couple years of hip hop hits, you'll hear one very familiar voice.  A voice that is so intensely mesmerizing that it's almost always guaranteed a hit song.  That voice belongs to Skylar Grey (formerly 'Holly Brook').  She has managed to...

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