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Skylar Grey’s Near Future

Skylar Grey Invisible

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A little over a month ago, I wrote a post about Skylar Grey and I said a few things in the podcast in anticipation of her writing her own single sometime in the near future. Well, “the near future” came much sooner than I thought. Skylar recently finished up her new album ‘Invincible’ and I got the chance to hear her leading single ‘Invisible’ yesterday. (Not yet available for download)

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I work as a Local Producer for Kidd Kraddick in the Morning and believe it or not they had Skylar in as a guest yesterday morning. She did an amazing acoustic medley of ‘Coming Home‘, ‘I Need A Doctor‘ and ‘Love The Way You Lie‘ (Below).


She’s such an incredible musician and I’m excited to see where this new album takes her. As soon as I get info on the release date, I’ll post it.

Staying Power: Kanye West

Kanye West

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Who has that “it” factor… that certain something that separates the fads from the truly talented? Who are those certain celebrities today that will be just as relevant in 20 years? ‘Staying Power’ is a column that delves into the past to reveal the immortal artists of the future.

Kanye West is my next choice for an artist with ‘Staying Power‘. It’s not just his solo career that impresses me; It’s his incredible talent as a producer. Over the past decade, Kanye has produced tracks for some of the biggest names in hip hop music.

From 1996 to 2000, Kanye produced tracks for Jermaine Dupri and Foxy Brown (to name a few). He gained great commercial success from his work on Jay-Z’s ‘The Blueprint’. After this, he became one of the most sought-after producers in the industry. Within the next year, Kanye ended up producing tracks for T.I, Ludacris, DMX and Monica. From 2004 to today, Kanye has managed to release 22 solo singles as well as continuing to serve as a producer.

His history as an artist isn’t what impresses me. It’s his constant push to stay relevant. He was producing when Diddy was still “Puff Daddy”… when Snoop and Dre dominated hip hop music… and listeners were still trying to figure out what hip hop music really was. Few rap artists manage to maintain their celebrity status for longer than a few years due to a music industry that’s constantly changing. In fifteen years, Kanye has managed to stay extremely relevant by learning to adjust to these changes. Not only has he adjusted to these new industry standards, he’s actually ended up creating a completely new industry himself. His obsession for the highest production standards in his own studio has actually forced his competition to produce a new level of quality, which then created a “new sound” that listeners crave.

Kanye’s success at not only staying relevant, but also becoming the “industry standard” is what gives him ‘Staying Power’. He’s managed to adjust to the industry over the past 15 years, and I can see him adjusting to the next 20 without any trouble.

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Skylar Grey: A Grey Sky Is Moving In

Skylar Grey

If you look back on the past couple years of hip hop hits, you’ll hear one very familiar voice.  A voice that is so intensely mesmerizing that it’s almost always guaranteed a hit song.  That voice belongs to Skylar Grey (formerly ‘Holly Brook’).  She has managed to write and sing some of the biggest hits of the past few years, while still remaining virtually unknown among the mainstream.  Below, I have highlights of the past few years of her career:

2004 – Skyler (age 18) moves to L.A., records a demo for Brad Delson‘s record label (guitarist for Linkin Park).  Shortly after that, she was asked to sing the hook on Fort Minor‘s hit single ‘Where’d You Go?” which was released in 2006; #2 on Billboard Hot 100 and Pop 100.

  • Where'd You Go - Single - Fort Minor
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2006 to 2008 – She releases her own album and tours as the opening act for: Duncan Sheik, KD Lang, Teddy Geiger, Daniel Powter and Jamie Cullum.

2009 to Now – She writes ‘Castle Walls’ for T.I. (featuring Christina Aguilera).

  • Castle Walls (feat. Christina Aguilera) - No Mercy (Deluxe Version)
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She co-writes ‘Coming Home’ with Jay-Z and J. Cole. The track ultimately becomes a mega hit for Diddy-Dirty Money.  (#1 UK R&B charts; #4 UK Singles charts; #12 Billboard Hot 100)

  • Coming Home - Last Train to Paris (Deluxe Version)
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    [youtube width=”425″ height=”349″][/youtube]

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