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Guitar Player

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been helping organize a benefit concert for 15 year old Seath Jackson who was murdered in Summerfield, FL a few weeks ago.  A friend of mine knew that Seath’s friends played in a local rock band and contacted them about this idea.  They teamed up with a few other bands and created “Rock For S.E.A.T.H.”.

When working with a non-profit organization, I quickly realized that without media coverage, it’s virtually impossible to gain support for the cause.  Hanging flyers, posting Facebook invitations and word-of-mouth absolutely isn’t enough advertisement to fill a venue.  I’ve heard countless non-profit organizations resort to begging for donations because “the general public doesn’t care”.  Plain and simple, the general public can’t care for a cause that they don’t know about!  Some individuals may be under the impression that advertisement is extremely expensive and non-profit organizations have little/no discretionary budget.  As a matter of fact, that is absolutely incorrect.  I’ve spent the last few years working in television & radio broadcasting and each station allots a certain amount of time each day to PSAs (Public Service Announcements).  These are commercials that run for the sole purpose of raising awareness of a public issue, hoping to stimulate action for this cause amongst the community.  These PSAs are 100% free and (as dictated by the FCC) have to run every single day.

Last week, I spent a few days reaching out to our local media outlets to help promote “Rock For S.E.A.T.H.”.  Within only a few days, I secured two major radio interviews, LIVE television coverage for the day of the event, newspaper coverage and a few mentions on community websites.  It seems to me like the general public is under the impression that you have to coax the media into helping your community, when in reality, the media thrives off local events.  Members of the community need to contact the media about stories like this because realistically, stations need new reports every single night.  So, why not your story?  The next time your community needs help, consider calling your local media.

Rock For S.E.A.T.H.” managed to raise over $1,400 that went directly to the family of Seath Jackson.  If you’d like to help, you can still donate by contacting Colton at

Thank you to the members of the media who covered the event: