Tony Silanskas Bio Photo 01Hi, I’m Tony.  Welcome to Hungry Cliff, a stage and playground for my friends and me.  I’ll spare you the arduous backstory and just say I have a passion for film.  This site is a symptom of that passion.  I have some big plans here at Hungry Cliff, so check back often to see what we’ve added.  It’s not just about film, by the way– it’s about everything from film and photography to writing and emu farming.  Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your frenemies.  Oh, and enjoy a little for yourself.



I’d especially like to thank my friends Matthew Biggers and Andrew Silanskas (who happens to be my brother… coincidence?) for helping make this website a reality.  Andrew has a Flickr page here.  And to Jeremy Carrus ( for designing our logo.

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